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Support Services

Please use the links below to support your sober journey. If you could be physically dependent on alcohol it is imperative that you contact your GP BEFORE you embark on any alcohol withdrawal. 

Your NHS

Support and information can be found on the NHS website

Alcohol Change UK

If you're worried about your own or someone else's drinking, there is support available here 

Drink Aware

Providing independent alcohol advice, information and tools to help make better choices about their drinking. Click here.

Alcoholics Anonymous

If you seem to be having trouble with your drinking, or if your drinking has reached the point of where it worries you, you may be interested to know something about Alcoholics Anonymous and the AA programme of recovery from alcoholism.

Find out more.

Disclaimer: Sober Essex is a local support group. We are not medical professionals and if you are worried about your health - you should always contact your GP first before embarking on any withdrawal.
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