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Our Team

We have lots of members to support and this is the team that makes up the backbone of Sober Essex. We work hard to ensure that Sober Essex is fully inclusive and welcoming. We plan lots of events and initiatives to support you on your sober journey.

I’m Jenny. I decided to change my relationship with alcohol in October 2019. This decision has been life changing for me. The list of positives are endless…I am a better role model for my children, my sleep has improved,  I am more focused at work, I am healthier, I am more productive and I have regained my zest for living. Alcohol is such a normalised part of our lives and to break away from this is really hard – it is massively embedded in our culture. BUT – there is another way and SOBER ESSEX is here to help you find it. We can support you because we have been there. You have nothing at all lose and whole big bag of positives to gain.

I’m Steph and I live near Chelmsford, Essex. I have a husband,  two teenagers and several rescued four legged furry friends under this roof. I took a break from the booze early 2020 after several unsuccessful attempts at moderation. Having made the break, my life started to change in directions I would never have thought possible. My relationships, health, fitness, diet, social life, work and hobbies were significantly improved. So much so, that I honestly believe that you could not pay me to drink alcohol nowadays. My early days were achieved by the connection and support I gained from like minded folk right here in SOBER ESSEX. Stick around… you’re amongst friends.

Hi I’m Sam, I gave up drinking in June 2020 having tried unsuccessfully to moderate.   I had been drinking since I was 14 and my teenage years and 20s were filled with alcohol fuelled instances – some fun, others full of anxiety, and most excessive! Having children in my 30s I embraced my own mummy wine culture and would really look forward to the treat at the end of the day and always had some “big” nights out pencilled in to enable me to “unwind” – but then I realised I didn’t love the hangovers, lack of energy, hangxiety, depressive feelings, lack of enthusiasm for my children. Life is genuinely much more fun without booze dulling the edges!! 

I’m Julie, I live in Crays Hill, Billericay, I’m married with 1 son, 2 daughters & a cocker spaniel.  I’ve had a love, hate relationship with alcohol for a long time now.  I spent a decade trying to moderate and during the pandemic my drinking increased until I reached rock bottom.  I found Sober Essex in October 2021. I relapsed at Christmas 2021 but I have been sober since 15 January 2022.  My life has changed so much, no hangovers, no anxiety, I have a new lease of life and I’ve learnt to deal with triggers & the wine witch. Our stories are not all the same but we have one thing in common - to live a sober life. Connection with like minded people is key to success.

I'm Lynsey and am currently on a hiatus in Maine USA with the husband's job. After drinking all through lockdown 2020 I realised that it just didn't agree with me and in August 2020 I went Alcohol Free for a month ... and I'm still going. Finding like-minded people through Sober Essex to support me on my journey has been a life saver and the friendship of this group has helped through all those 'firsts' without a drink. Now I sleep better, exercise more and can bust my moves on the dance floor til the early hours with no fear of feeling rubbish for days after. And with the help and support of Sober Essex I can confidently say with a huge smile 'I am Lynsey and I don't drink'.

My name is David and I’m an a proud Alcoholic now in my 5th year of Sobriety after my life became unmanageable through Alcohol addiction . I lost a lot of my good years to the dreaded stuff but couldn’t see a future without it at the time . I festered for around 10 years drinking daily to excess, losing friends & various term partners. I went to an AA fellowship after all I had nothing else to lose as everything else was now gone from my drunken life.  This worked for me as I threw myself into meeting after meeting getting my head straight and realising that there were others like me that understood me.  I’m here to support anyone that wishes to have a sober life.

Hi I'm Kelly, I'm a 51 year old mum of 6 - 3 girls/3 boys and I live near Colchester.
I decided to give Dry January a go on 1.1.20 after a particularly disastrous New Years Eve thinking that I may last a week and it's safe to say I have never looked back. My relationship with alcohol was thoroughly toxic and giving it up is the best thing I have ever done apart from having my children. I love to exercise as it helps keep my mental health stable and also offsets another favourite hobby of mine which is eating. I am new to the admin team and am very excited to be part of such a lovely, positive team of people here at Sober Essex

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