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Alcohol Free Accredited Coaches

Jenny Downs Alcohol Free Accredited Coach

Jenny Downs

I know how tough it can be choosing to remove alcohol from your life. As an AF Caoch, I can support you to stop drinking and tailor an approach to help to create your new alcohol free life. Learn strategies to help you deal with triggers, keep motivated and wake up feeling great. Regain control of your life and find freedom, health, happiness and a better, hangover free lifestyle. 

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Sam Roome Alcohol Free Accredited Coach

Sam Roome

In my coaching practice, my focus is on evaluating and recalibrating my client's energy. I bring to my clients a flexible program that includes identifying and releasing those energy drainers and working through the negative thought patterns to create positive pathways. Please get in touch about how I can help you carve out a new path and provide clarity to you

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Andy Garwood Alcohol Free Accredited Coach

Andy Garwood

My sleep was broken and restless. I suffered from bouts of hangxiety (hangovers and anxiety). I told myself the narrative that my life was dull and boring. I was just looking after the kids on my way to a boring retirement with no real meaning and purpose in life.

It’s now my passion to help as many people as possible all over the globe break free of the chains of alcohol.

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